Finnish Environmental Journalists Association

Our association is an active network of journalists interested in environmental issues.

We aim to help our members to build up their expertise, by organising events and activities where information and ideas can be exchanged. The association regularly arranges seminars, visits to companies and training sessions. Such activities help our members to get answers to important questions from politicians, prominent figures in business, and representatives from non-governmental organisations.

We additionally organise excursions for our members – both to local places of interest in Finland, and to more exotic destinations around the world.

Our goal is to promote critical media coverage of all kinds of environmental issues, ranging from the impacts of consumers’ everyday choices to the use of natural resources on a global scale.

Some of our members are engaged in environmental journalism on a full-time basis, but many also cover other issues such as technology, business and nature. Our association currently has 130 members (as of 2020).

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